Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday - Day 8

Weigh In Wednesday

Firstly a BIG thank you to everyone who linked up or commented after last week's initial Weigh In Wednesday post.  Honestly, your support and encouragement has been amazing and, no word of a lie, has really, truly helped me get through this week without scoffing down an icecream (or seventy).  To say it was a tough week for me, mood-wise, is a slight understatement so the thought of having to weigh in today infront of you has really kept my feet on the... err... treadmill and my hands out of the cookie barrel (though I did have two that Mr C freshly baked... yum!).  THANK YOU!

To those of you who have joined me on this journey - CONGRATULATIONS - you've made it through the first week of Missy Mac Bootcamp.  ;)  I hope you've been positive and successful in your endeavours and haven't raided the pantry at 2am more than, say, five times.  No matter what, I am proud of you all for starting the journey and committing to keeping on track with me.  You'll all be looking hot, hot, hot in no time.  :)

It is now a new week, though, and it's time to look forward to the next seven days of healthy eating and exercise.  Here's where I'm at, Day 8, beginning of Week 2...

Front - Can you see the difference?  Nah, me either.  Yet!
Side - Can you see the difference?  Yep, it is worse!  Bloaty, bloat, bloat.  Ugh.
Weight Loss Goal: -10kgs (-22lbs)
Week's Loss:  -2.2kgs (4.85lbs)
Total Loss:  -2.2kgs (4.85lbs)
Distance to Goal:  7.8kgs (22lbs)
Week's Gym Visits: 3 - plus walks along the river / beach (yay for summer!)
Total Time Exercising:  2hrs 55mins
Alcohol Units Consumed: Nil
Date of Last Alcoholic Drink: 31st December 2011
Highlight of the Week: Managing to drag myself to the gym for 30mins of exercise when I really, really, really didn't want to go.  Even though I hated every miserable second, I was still proud of myself for doing it.

As per usual, I'm finishing with a little bit of music - to make you laugh, smile, cry or groan.  So, little lady, it's time to jump down from your trusty steed, yank off your cowboy boots and pull up a hay bale.  Here is Bobby Dare with the "Diet Song".

Ha! Ok, I promise... no more country.   Actually, that's a complete and utter lie.  I have another ripper lined up for you... but that'll have to wait a week or two.

Now it's over to you!  Link up and let us know how your first week went.  :)



  1. haha - funny song - starvin' my buns off - i should be doing that - need to just get into the zone and i'll join you - but i have 30kgs to lose!

  2. You're a fifth of the way there, Erin... good going!!! I find that when I go to Zumba or Pilates, even when I really don't feel like it, I always feel better for going, both mentally and physically. More so with Zumba, because it's more of a workout. Good on you for making yourself go to the gym when you didn't want to!!!

  3. You lost almost 5 lbs in one week!!!!!??????!!!!! That's amazing!!!!

  4. Wow, you are doing really great. Almost 5 pounds! If I had 1/10th of your motivation I might be able to get my behind in gear and get in better shape too! Keep up the awesome work!

  5. That song is hilarious! Congrats on your first week, Erin! You are on your way!

  6. Wow...2.2kgs...what a great start!
    Great job on the exercise too :)

  7. Hahahaha!! That's a great loss! Well done :) So jealous it's summer, I'm sure I'd be more motivated if outside wasn't so miserable!!

  8. Awesome! You're doing so great! Wish it was summer here so I could be outside!

  9. So I'm thinking...just because your weigh in is about losing weight maybe mine can be about weight progress... Hahhahahaa...I'll just be getting bigger as this project of yours goes on!! But 2.2kg holy ___ that is awesome...kick ass babe!!!

  10. Wow, I wish I had your motivation! I don't have a specific post to link up but: I have made some pretty good cut-backs here. AND, I've added back in some treadmill time that has been sadly missing from my life. I went up and down a bit these 8 days, as did my eating, but in all, I lost 2 lbs--a small start, but still a start. I do feel ever so slightly more comfortable in my clothes, too.

  11. WTG on the loss this week! I just had my last dinner out for a while...

  12. Wow! Almost 5 lbs down - way to go. And I'm truly impressed with the amount of time you are spending exercising. Good job - keep it up!