Monday, January 2, 2012

Let's Get Physical... Physical...

I wanna get physical...

Ahh!  I'm so sorry if that song is now stuck in your head (it is in mine!) but it seemed a fitting tribute to this post (and who doesn't love a bit of ONJ every now and then?).  Some of you may remember that my numero uno resolution for 2012 was to get fit and healthy and now, one day in, I'm pleased to report that I haven't yet fallen off the wagon.  ;)  BUT... to help keep me on-track long-term I am enlisting your help.  Yes, YOU!  Thus, I introduce...

Weigh In Wednesday

"WHAT????" you ask?  Well before you get all scared and run for the "unfollow" button, please hear me out.  This isn't about competition, judgment or nastiness or any of that kerfuffle but a chance for us to unite in our goals of getting fit and losing weight.  A forum to provide support and encouragement to each other as we sweat it out (pun intended).  And, well, the knowledge that people are watching is always a great motivater to get physical... physical...

Oops, sorry.  Momentary lapse there.  Right, what was I saying?  Oh yes...

Weigh In Wednesday, for me, will be a chance to keep a record of the stats, such as loss to date, time spent exercising, visits to gym etc, whilst also allowing myself the opportunity to celebrate each milestone because, let's face it, dieting is THE PITS and if you can't do a jig after every kilo (pound?) lost then you'll be scoffing down those chocolate bars in no time.

So, if, like me, you'd like to get fitter and healthier in 2012 and would like a supportive shoulder to cry on when it gets too much (errr...) then please feel free to link up to Weigh In Wednesdays with Missy Mac Creations, starting this week.  I would love you to join me - we can do it together!

If weightloss isn't a goal of yours for 2012 then please feel free to follow along with my (our?) progress anyway and help us celebrate the good and commiserate the bad.  The more people joining me in my happy dance the better (it makes me feel less of a fool, for starters).

Remember, it all kicks off this Wednesday, 4th January.  Don't be late.  ;)

Before I go, though, here's a little treat, just for you.  I know you would have googled it anyway.  ;)



  1. Hahahaha!! I'm so in and I'm playing this every Wednesday when I wake up!! :)

  2. Uh, yeah, thanks for sharing that song. No, really... I'll play along too, but it'll have to be after my dad's birthday on the 16th as my parents refuse to pander to diets...

  3. Love the video clips you posted...How do I join in? Losing weight is on my new years resolution list.