Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday - Day 22

Weigh In Wednesday

Before I get into my latest stats, can I just say a big WELL DONE to all of you who are playing along and linking up.  It has truly been inspiring to see your progress each week and I am over-joyed that you are all so committed to working towards a happier, healthier you.  Big pats on the back.

If you have only recently stumbled across our little linky party then please feel free to jump on board anytime.  You're sure to find our group friendly, approachable and very inspiring so don't be scared.  The more the merrier!  We link up each Wednesday but you may come and go as you please - and there are no restrictions to what you can / can't / must share.  You make the rules to suit what makes you comfortable and what will be the most motivating for you.  Hope to see you soon. much as I try, I can't stall any longer.  Unfortunately Mr C is away this week (acting in his role as Superhero Extraordinaire) so there will be no full body shots this post.  I know, I know, it is such a shame.  So let's go straight to the stats, shall we?

Weight Loss Goal: -10kgs (-22lbs)
Week's Loss: -1.0kgs (2.20lbs)
Total Loss: -3.7kgs (8.16lbs)
Distance to Goal: 6.3kgs (13.89lbs)
Week's Gym Visits: 1 (ugh!) - plus a stroll & swim or two
Total Time Exercising: 1hrs 15mins
Alcohol Units Consumed: Nil
Date of Last Alcoholic Drink: 31st December 2011
Highlight of the Week:  Actually missing the gym whilst being sick.  Could I possibly have felt the smallest niggle of a new addiction?  If only!

At the risk of sounding silly, lately I have noticed (imagined?) a little more attention from the opposite sex whilst being out and about (no, it is not because I bat my eyelids!).  Now, realistically, I haven't physically changed that much in the last month BUT my attitude has begun to change and my confidence is definitely growing.  So, what I'm saying is, be comfortable in your skin.  Walk tall.  Lift your head.  Be proud.  When you start paying attention to yourself then others will follow.  And, let's be honest, it feels damn good to be noticed.

So, on that note, here is my music clip of the week, Beautiful by Christina Aguilera. Listen. Believe. Conquer the world. ;)

Now over to you. How was your week? Link up and let us know. :)



  1. Well done, you! I can safely say that you had one hour and fifteen minutes more exercise this week than I did...Sounds like you are doing great and I love hearing that your confidence is growing. Of course you are getting ogled by those around you, silly! You're hot!!

  2. Wow..Erin, you have lost almost 4 kg are doing great!
    I will post my weigh-in and link up soon. Thank you for the motivation. :)

  3. Well done Erin! Over a third of your way to your goal - that's fantastic!

  4. Fabulous progress, Erin!!! Not only are you a third of the way there, but your confidence has grown!!! That growth in confidence is SO important and will help you even more to achieve your goal, not to mention the other benefits it brings. And yes, I think an addiction is forming:-) Great going!!!

  5. Hey Erin, just wanted to drop in and say "I'm proud of ya'll!" I am not playing along but I have to say the "only good thing" about being back in Berlin is that I'll walk more and ride my bike all the time to get to places!
    Well done!

  6. You are on fire! Talk about setting a good example, go you!
    I forgot it was Wednesday and forgot to weigh in but I'll be back on board next week! :)

  7. Woohoo, go you! I think I've got another couple of people interested from my post last week, so hopefully they'll be out to play too :o) I'll post mine when I get home tonight after our first MQG meeting

  8. Yay! Good for you, Erin! keep up the great work!

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  10. Sorry bout that. Embarrassing spelling mistake. Original comment modified- Go Girl! I feel with you in the confidence department. My post reflects some of your same sentiments! Here's to another great week!

  11. Erin you are fantastic!! And being ill too?! Great :)
    You're inspiring me to do much better for next week!!
    You ARE beautiful xx

  12. You go Erin! :-) I know exactly what you mean about the confidence boost. I've lost far less than you, but I can already feel my clothes fit better, I don't look so tired all the time and that does come through to other people. Keep going - you're doing fantastic!

  13. I know it is a bit cheesy but seriously that song is one of my favorites. Can we say teary eyed a tad when I hear it at the right moments in life? Sigh. I am so proud of you! Kickin some butt - whew hew!

  14. My weigh-in days are Mondays, so I may link in then! Well done to you! Very inspiring!