Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday - Day 15

Weigh In Wednesday

Really, is it that time again?  Already?  But I'm really not ready!  Argh.  This week has definitely not been a good week as my motivation went AWOL and I got slack and grumpy and tired and blah.  Really slack and grumpy and tired and blah.  Unfortunately, the proof is in the stats...

No, I am not a morning person

I seriously should stop putting these side pics up

Weight Loss Goal: -10kgs (-22lbs)
Week's Loss:  -0.5kgs (1.10lbs)
Total Loss:  -2.7kgs (5.95lbs)
Distance to Goal:  7.3kgs (16.09lbs)
Week's Gym Visits: 2 (oops) - plus a stroll here and there
Total Time Exercising:  2hrs 15mins
Alcohol Units Consumed: Nil
Date of Last Alcoholic Drink: 31st December 2011
Highlight of the Week:  Making a comeback after a bad start to the week and getting back on track by Tuesday.  Thanks for keeping me going!

Not as awesome as my first week, I know, but I'm still happy that I had a loss at all.  Though, it seems I have discovered that sitting on the couch watching inordinate amounts of tennis does not help.  Hmm.  Oh well, time to wipe the slate clean, me thinks, and start afresh.  I, nay, WE can do this.

To start the new week with a 'push' I've picked a motivational track from the supremely talented and always entertaining Salt-N-Pepa.  ;)

So, how are you going after two weeks of the Missy Mac Challenge?  I was blown away from all your efforts in week 1 so am looking forward to seeing this week's progress.  Link up and share your news.



  1. Love the song choice this week! :-). Good job managing to lose even if you didn't have the best week. Don't worry though, this whole thing will have its ups and downs... The important thing is to get back on track like you did.

  2. Way to go--hang in there. You're doing great! A pound in a week is nothing to scoff at!

  3. You did well this week! Half a kilo loss in a week is great, you should be proud of yourself!
    Amy xx

  4. AMAZING song!!! Love it :)
    Well done on the loss, it's really good - and they say slow and steady loss is more permanent!!
    Maybe you could pretend your playing tennis too while your watching it ;)

  5. Erin - May I join the weigh-in? Rebecca told me about this. :)
    I need encouragement from you ladies to slightly kick me on my behind to start something! :)

  6. I so love that song! I don't know what it is about this week, but I don't have any energy either. You can do this, Erin! You are doing great!

  7. Boo to the grumps, but yay for some loss anyway. I started today...

  8. I had one of those weeks too, where I felt like I wasn't focused or on track. The good news is you still lost weight! That means this week is still a victory! Great job!

  9. Congratulations on the loss - better a pound off than a pound on!!

  10. The upside is that you didn't have such a bad week that you gained anything! You had a bad week and you still had a loss, so good for you! This week will be better!