Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday - Day 1

Weigh In Wednesday

It's time.  Are you ready?  I know I am!

Welcome to the beginning of Weigh In Wednesday with Missy Mac Creations.  I hope you will support and encourage (and join!) me in my quest to lose 10kgs by Saturday 3 March 2012.  Why then, you ask?  Well, basically, that will be the day of my 30th birthday party and I want to look smokin'.  ;)

Each week I will post an updated photo of myself (ugh... but I'm sure I'll appreciate it down the line) along with a series of stats.  If you are playing along please be assured that this is a supportive environment - you will never be forced to show/reveal more than you are comfortable.  For example - I have chosen not to advertise my actual weight, just the +/-.  You set the rules!

First up I'll share the lifestyle changes I will be concentrating on during the next two months (and beyond) -

a) Eating more healthily
b) Eating less (portion control!)
c) Exercising more
d) NO alcohol (uhh... whaaaattt??!!)
e) Drinking more water

For me, these are all totally doable goals and are things I want to incorporate into my every day life from here on out.  Well... the no alcohol is not a life-time goal but it won't hurt me to back off the drink for the next few months.  As for the a, b, c and e... these are things we all know we should aim for... but sometimes the knowing and the doing can be two different things.  Time for me to remedy that and teach myself some better habits.

So let's get this ball rolling...

Day 1 - front

Sad face!  Please excuse the "just got out of bed" look.  You'll probably have to get used to it over the next few months.  ;)

Day 1 - side

I wasn't going to include a side profile (because it is realllly embarassing) but in the interests of 'keeping it real' there it is.  Got to love Mr C who gave me a cuddle and said "You're not as bad as you think you are, sweetie."  Aww.  Thanks babe.  I think.  ;)

Weight Loss Goal: -10kgs (-22lbs)
Week's Loss:  0.0kgs (0lbs)
Total Loss:  0.0kgs (0lbs)
Distance to Goal:  10kgs (22lbs)
Week's Gym Visits:  4 (including 2 in one day... whoop!)
Total Time Exercising:  2hrs 30mins
Alcohol Units Consumed: Sorry... wasn't counting before New Years Day (I didn't need to know!)
Date of Last Alcoholic Drink: 31st December 2011
Highlight of the Week: Putting myself out there and starting Weigh In Wednesday.  Scary!

That's it, as painless as that.  Now, who's with me?  I would love to have you on board as we battle the wobbly bits together.  We CAN do it!

Let me give you a few minutes to think about it... with this week's clip.  Never fear, though, as I received numerous death threats complaints after the last WIW post, today's entertainment will not be brought to you by Ms Newton-Jones. Instead, here is a little bit of inspiration from OK Go who are not only singing but also showing off their mad cool treadmill skillz. These are just a few of the moves that Mr C and I practise in the gym...

So, after that awesome bit of inspiration, are you in?  You are?!  So very glad to have you on board.  Don't forget to link up (and grab the button from my sidebar) so we can cheer each other on.  :)

If losing weight isn't on your list for 2012 please don't feel left out (ha!) - I'm sure everyone would love you to be part of the support crew.  Membership is easy, just visit the various links and shout out your encouragement.  Thanks!

Hope you all have a fantastic (and healthy!) week.  Can't wait (weight?) to see your progress next Wednesday.  Good luck.  :)



  1. I love the face, Erin! And I love that you are so willing to put yourself out there. No doubt that you will lose the weight or scooch it around a bit to get more toned, especially with your mad treadmill skills! Best of luck!

  2. You'll lose that 10kg and the sad sack face for sure, Erin. Perhaps if we saw a video of you dancing on the treadmill we could cheer louder. Go Erin, go Erin, go Erin!!!

  3. Oh you are one brave lady!! Get you with all the exercising!! Well done :) I've done nowt because I'm still full of cold but the good thoughts are all there! I will be joining you on your quest :)

  4. Thanks for starting this! I've been looking for a buddy to help stay on track. I know you'll be able to reach your goal, especially with all of us cheering you on!

  5. Go Ernie Go! I am with Mr. C, you are not as bad as you think but a health kick is always good.

  6. Wonderful idea! If I get brave enough I will join you.

  7. Heh, love the sad pouty face! I'll weigh myself in 2 Monday's time after dad's birthday weekend is over, and I'll aim to be smokin' hot in time for the mad October road trip. Although if I'm not down by the summer I'll be annoyed with myself lol, it's not THAT much to shed!

    Good luck!

  8. Love the sad face - that's quite a pet lip you're showing *wink* And I'm also with Mr're not as bad as you think - and you've got fabulous legs!!

  9. Looking forward to joining in...I know we can do it!

  10. I'm joining....but it will have to wait for the weekend. Started the gym this week though!

  11. Yay for you, Erin! I may be joining you in this. I can't seem to shake the last 15 lbs of baby making weight.