Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Block for the QCA Bee

It's January (just incase you've been in a bubble or something) and, for me, that means it's time to reveal my block for the Quilt Club Australia 2012 Bee. Whoop!

Members will know that originally I was going to go with a simple stacked coins block but after seeing these floating around Blogland, and then again in Laura's copy of Block Party, I couldn't resist.  I love the diagonal lines, varying widths and the bright, fun colours.  AND... the white stripe across the middle to bring uniformity to all the blocks is an awesome idea.

For this block I used this great tutorial by Film in the Fridge.  It is already perfect so I figured there was no need to reinvent the wheel and write my own.  Saying that, though, I do have some stipulations that I would like the bee participants to adhere to.  These are -

a)  The block should measure 8" square so please use this as your template.  This size will fit on A4 so you shouldn't need to get your hands on anything bigger than that.

b)  As per the tutorial, please include the strip of white across the centre.  This should be cut 1" wide, resulting in a 1/2" stripe once sewn in.  I used Prima Homespun White from Spotlight.

c)  You will need to start with a variety of strips, varying in width from 1" up to 2.5".  As you can see from my example I like bright, modern and fun prints.  Feel free to raid your scraps bin and use what you have on hand.

d)  Please ensure that all fabric is 100% cotton that has been pre-washed.

e)  I'll send you my postal address separately but please try to have them sent by 31st January. 

Think that's pretty much all I need to say.  If you do have any questions though please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Now... all you have to do is click the link to the tutorial (above) and get sewing.

Have fun!



  1. Ha, love it. "prima homespun white from spotlight". No fancy schmancy kona for us! No siree!

  2. I Googled 'Quilt Club Australia 2012 Bee' but couldn't find much info. It looks like you are doing this for the 'Biggest Morning Tea'. Can you point me to where I'd find more info. It sounds like a good idea.

  3. wow looks good so be lerning new blocks

  4. I've just pulled out a bunch of bright scraps ready to sew! Yeah, I'm a bit keen! Great block choice :)

  5. Oh I like it!! My scraps are growing and I'd love to make some of these into a quilt :)